You can’t hide a light


You have an inner light in you that has always been there and will never go away. An inner fire that no matter how dark or bright it gets will continue flickering away.

People can see it just by looking at you. It’s that “something special about her” that they see. It’s that “spark”. That “twinkle” in your eyes. It’s all there within you, right now you’re just being called to turn up the heat. To turn that knob and let it shine brighter and bigger. That’s your natural state. That’s your authentic self.

You were born to shine your light. Babies do it without any effort. That’s why we can’t keep our eyes off them. Their light is so bright that it makes even the hardest person’s heart soften. You had that power too. You have that power still. Go on, do it. Take down the wall, and let us see it.

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