When it all comes crumbling down

Cracked-OpenThe Starseed Oracle_Rebecca Campbell

From The Starseed Oracle

There comes a point in most people’s lives when we realise that we can’t keep up the fight. When it all comes crumbling down.

Where we realise that the life we have consciously built doesn’t quite fit. Like that old pair of jeans one size too small. And no matter how hard we try we finally come to admit that we can’t force it anymore.

The walls and the roof and the rooms filled with all the stuff in the house that we consciously created do the opposite of what we first intended, making us feel further away from home than we were before.

Loosen your grip_ the starseed oracle by rebecca campbell and danielle noel

From The Starseed Oracle

Looking around we feel trapped and weighed down by all the stuff in the web that surrounds us. Each thing representing decisions made through self denial – almost desperate attempts to find some comfort and drown out that inconvenient inner voice. And we know that with every passing day it only gets harder but so many days have already passed we wonder if it’s even possible. If we have what it takes (we do). Until one day something comes along and forces us to loosen our grip altogether. And try as we might we just can’t hold it all together anymore. So bit by bit we start letting go, we stop forcing, we let it all come crumbling down.

Wall by wall, brick by brick, we have no choice but to let it.

Devastated by effort previously wasted but liberated by the energy that is regained.

With every wall that falls we see how tightly we were clinging on in the first place and how much light and energy it took to hold it all together.


From the Work Your Light Oracle

And as painful and scary as it feels, the more bricks that fall, the more we are encouraged and soothed by the increasing volume of our inner voice.

Walking away from the rubble we gain the strength to start anew. In some other place where the ground is stable and we adore the view.

Guided by the voice of our spirit we discover that home is within you.

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