What’s falling away?

what's falling away

What is falling away? What is wanting to uproot? What part of you is becoming harder to tie down? What is becoming less and less important? How is Life trying to change you? What is ready to move on? What is moving away from you? What is draining you to hold onto? What used to be important to you but now not so much? If you weren’t afraid of nothing coming to take its place, what would you release?


  • Anita Odekirk

    Liberation Song by Sat Purkh from the “One” album.

  • Stephanie Wishart

    I have a longing urge to start my own business. I have had several jobs whilst putting it off and nothing is satisfying. This popped up in my email and I have taken it as a sign. Xx

  • Whitney Mitchell

    If I weren’t afraid of nothing coming to take it’s place, I would release my job. 🙁 SO much energy expended on professions that are not a match for me and exhausted fear of not being able to “make it” doing something joyful. Fear that blocks me from even seeing something new into existence. Deep breath.

  • Rebecca Campbell

    Baby steps bring things into alignment. ❤️

  • Rebecca Campbell


  • Whitney Mitchell

    Thank you for reading my comment and the personal reply, Rebecca.

  • Regina Tolman Loveless

    Working to release any thought of insufficiency and step into trusting myself and my guidance.

  • Gillian Culff

    This post has so much meaning for me. I have returned to it over and over, and I have shared it with a number of friends, all of whom gasp when they read it. Each of us finds a specific question in it especially resonant with where we are at this moment in our lives. Thank you so much for this wonderful and helpful perspective.

  • My pleasure Gilliam. I am so glad.

  • Joy Clarkson

    Thank you Rebecca for continually teaching and inspiring us. Please rejoice, for every one of us who comment, we are just a drop in the proverbial cosmic bucket, because so many more of your sisters are rising. Namaste

  • Teri Bailey Weibert

    Rebecca I just love this. I’ve spent the last year learning to love me. And today I signed up to finally work with you, I’m so very excited & comitted to do your work.
    Big Hugs,