We Are Nature

If you look up the word ‘nature’ in the dictionary, you will find many things referenced, such as plants, stones, animals and landscapes. You will also find that it does not just leave out humans, but it specifically states that humans are not part of nature. Separate to it.

Is it any wonder why so many of us can feel so disconnected? How humanity has caused so much harm to this planet rather than seeing ourselves as an extension of it? I believe that this is the real separation that so many of us feel, from the earth itself and thus, ourselves and each other. I believe our separation from the earth as our Mother, Her seasons, cyclic ways and ever-changing state has caused so many of the problems that humanity is facing on this planet today. And that when we see the divine as a man in the sky, not woven into the earth, this separation becomes even more evident.
I believe now more than ever we need to see the Sacred in all things. To notice the breathtaking beauty that is all around us. To see the Sacred in the trees, the flowers, the plants and the stones, as well as within ourselves and each other. To weave the Sacred back into our everyday lives.

We Are Nature is a foundational module in The Inner Temple Mystery School. In it we explore our connection with the sacred that is already here and that sustains us. We look at what it really means to truly EMBODY the sacred, we explore our connection and disconnection with the living world, land consciousness, lineages of our ancestry and so much more. This is my favourite module and I am so looking forward to sharing it with those who are called to take this transformative exploration with me.
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