Water Your Garden


Rebecca Campbell The Starseed Oracle

Nourishment. Body care. Tenderness. Rest.

Earth is a seasonal planet and as such, you’re a seasonal being. Cyclic. You can’t be ‘on’ and in ‘full bloom’ month after month, day after day after day. You’re strongly being called to put on the brakes, rest, and refuel. To take a moment to restock and replenish, and slow right on down.

Your body is the only body you’re given, and it needs to be respected as such. You’re being called to take responsibility for your wellbeing, to put your health and body first. I know it can feel like time’s running out and as if there are urgent things that simply can’t wait. However, if you keep pushing on, soon fatigue will set in.

This way of living isn’t sustainable. If anyone continues to race through life, eventually exhaustion will set in and it’ll take longer to recover than it would have done to rest. Immune system disorders and mystery illnesses are becoming more common because we’re putting too much pressure on our bodies to keep up with the instantaneous pace of modern life.

How are you being called to put on the brakes? To rest, restore, and rejuvenate? When was the last time you took a holiday, or had a full weekend, day, or afternoon off? Look after your precious body and mind. Give yourself enough time to recover when you find yourself running on your reserves. There is enough time. Life will bend toward you when you do.

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