You are a walking piece of art

You are a walking piece of art

You are a walking piece of art. An original. Like. No. Other. If all the masters of all the ages came together in an attempt to re-create your You, they’d spend their lives trying but bow down in surrender at the end of every single day.

You have a treasure chest of perfect imperfections that make your perfect You. Each gently whispering the story of every single moment that has breathed through you.

The slightly bent arm from that time you fell off the swing certain you could fly. The splatter of kisses from your time as a water baby and child of the sun. The friendly creases around your eyes from freely giving out smiles to strangers. The scar above your lip from believing you could, and still deep down you know you can.

And then there’s the part of you that has been sculpted for lifetimes. A billion times more unique than a fingerprint and the ability to share it all with just a glance. If you’re looking you’ll see it. If you give someone else a minute you will not be able to miss it. If you give yourself a minute in the mirror, you won’t be able to miss it.

You are one of a kind. An original. A limited edition. Open the curtains. Let us bask in your beauty. You are a walking piece of art.

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