The meaning of the triangle

So, you’ve probably noticed from my logo (and if you follow me on instagram you might have seen the tattoo on my left wrist) that I love me some triangle!  

Pretty much every week someone asks me what the triangle symbolises, a few years back I wrote a blog post on it (you can read that here). But I wanted to record this video to describe in person what this shape means to me and how this meaning has deepened over the years. 

I’d love to hear from you. Have you been drawn to the triangle? What does it mean to you?

  • I loved hearing about your triangle symbolism and I was happily surprised to learn new meaning. For me the triangles are symbols used for representing the elements: air, fire, water & earth and so therefore – to me – they also take derived meaning of Nature and Gaia, Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine. And they are everywhere these days! Thank you

  • Sarah Hubbard

    Thank you for your inspiration. The triangle means to me, my connection to the higher realms, I always want to point upward when talking about them. x

  • Marg Browne

    I love triangles too…but in the divine feminine orientation (point down)
    I was a bit concerned to hear that to you the pyramids of Gaza are symbols of spirituality. To me they are a symbol of patriarchal power over all those poor people who suffered & died to make a tomb for a rich callous leader.
    Also the triangle with a base on the lower is the symbol for hierarchies… which generally suppress & oppress the majority.
    For me the idea of “heaven isn’t above..if is more in the centre & grounded below… the place of mystery where transformation occurs.
    We all see things differently.
    Thanks. Go well, be well.

  • Fiona Gundlach

    The triangle resonates with me by each of its points representing body, mind and spirit with the middle of the triangle merging them all into one … being the combined self

  • Lee Anne Gfroerer

    I love your view on the triangle! Any which/witch way, it’s beautiful and meaning full.

  • Nicola Green

    Hi Rebecca, I developed and channelled some Emotional Healing Cards. In those cards I used a triangle. My cards are on Amazon and I ask people to use this strong shape. For me it is about strength and firm foundation.Bringing back into alignment the power of three.

  • Jude Covac

    I love your view and resonate completely with the idea of following your own deep knowing from a soul level as to where I move. If I trust that it never fails to show me and guide me in the most profound way. The triangle represents to me the connection between heaven and earth and all knowing in it’s centre.

  • Danielle Nichole

    I am very connected to the triangle as well! It’s actually what drew me to your books! I love your explanation of the symbolism and what it means to you! I very much resonate. It also symbolizes the trinity of mind-body-spirit alignment to me. It is also a part of each of the earth element symbols as well! So many connections and meanings! It’s such a beautiful symbol!