Transmute all of this energy into action

Transmute all of this energy into action

Do not let the energy of these times to cause you to flee or freeze or stagnate. This is the time for action. Do not stay in the frequency of overwhelm. Find a way big or small to not be a victim of it. Use the energy. Let your mind and body be moved. Confuse the energy with movement. Ground it. Transmute it into ACTION.

If you are angry, ask yourself what can you do to transform that energy into positive action. Rage, frustration, disillusionment, grief, fear, despair. All of these emotions have the potential to be transmuted into something new. Something positive. Something good. Passion is anger turned into action. Anger transformed into something good. Rise up. Stand up. Act up. Move your body.

You don’t need to want to save the planet to transform energy into something positive. Use it whichever way you like. Do something positive. Do not stagnate and absorb. This is the time for transforming (change) and action.

You may be called to act in direct response to what is happening around the world right now. To protect. To speak out. To have your voice heard. To be the voice of those who do not have one.

Or you may be called to create change in your own personal life. In your body. In your mind. In your nervous system. It is these times that the most beautiful and moving art is created. It is in these times that quantum leaps are made possible. It is in these times that we can cause a SHIFT in the critical mass.

Let the times we are living in move you into action. It does not matter which action you choose. Whether you protest, paint, love or activate. Whether you write or declutter or dance or speak. Whether you run or swim or petition or love or vote. All that matters is that you do something. That you use this energy, this fear, this aggression, this sadness, this privilege, this complacency. Use it all.

The nervous system of the planet is recalibrating. And at the same time ours is too. We are the creators of this new world. We are in the crucible of the fire. We can use the heat. We can transmute it into something good. If we all do this, the shift that is possible is beyond comprehension. Together we can and are birthing a new age.

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