Tips for Creating Sacred Spaces

Creating a sacred space is a simple yet powerful act. It is a place devoted to the part of you that whispers, calls and yearns. A space that acts as an invitation to the Universe to support you. Sacred spaces are places where we can embody the sacred. It’s where we bring the sacred into the physical.


1. Beauty

Beauty is the gateway to the soul. Anything that makes your heart open or puts you in a state of awe, whether it’s a rose or something else that opens you up, is great for your sacred space. Beauty often does this and is always a gateway to the soul.

2. Tending to it

The more time you spend with your sacred space, the more fueled with sacred energy it will become. When you imagine your altar or another sacred space you’ve got, what you’re really doing is using this physical space to direct your sacred energy. It is a way to direct your connection with your soul or the sacred.


3. Using what you’ve got around you

Don’t overthink that it has to have certain statues or that you have to go out to buy something for it. You can create beautiful sacred spaces with things around you. You can use petals, fallen leaves from your garden, or even herbs that have gone out of date and put them into a beautiful circle with a candle in the middle. It doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. You can use the elements too along with the objects and things you have around you.

Your sacred space can take up an entire room, be on a shelf, window sill, table, bedside table or anywhere that you can gather a couple of small objects. It could even be in your garden, or inside a drawer. There is no right or wrong way to create this space. What is most important is the devotion you bring to it as you create it and tend to it.

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