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This period we are living in is a time of change, transition and healing – both on an individual and planetary level. The planet is changing at a cellular level and so are we. This lifetime is the result of many. This is the time we have been working for. This is the time that we returned for. High priestesses, mystics, witches, healers, artists, change makers, visionaries of times past. Here to remember. As we each uncover this remembering, we add a piece to the collective puzzle.

As part of the transition team from one age to the next, you are at the forefront of this planetary transformation.  To transform quite literally means to change form. Which is what these times we are living in are all about. But it is not about doing, rather surrendering to it. These times are energetically intense. The Earth herself has been changing in form, and us, beings of the Earth are changing in form with Her. For some it may feel peaceful and calm like a beautiful lake, others may be experiencing a tsunami-like demolition. Anything inauthentic is being washed away. Those old learned ways of being, of mistreating our bodies, of relying on patriarchal endurance or forcing, of keeping our truest version of ourselves and living our lives in congruence with that are significantly shifting. Soul families are congregating. We are all being called back into the Mother’s arms.

We are all changing on a cellular level. This can be painful, but what makes it most painful is resisting against it. Attempting to swim against the tide. We must surrender to her great force. And trust that if the seas are swelling, they will soon calm. We must remember that now is the time for great rest. We must not get swept away with the overwhelming amount of things there are to do, and rather find nourishment in the nothingness of nature. To trust that in order for us to be productive, we do not need to be doing. Mother Earth is busy weaving the threads of your life when you surrender to her flow. Her cycles. Her inhales and exhales. If you allow yourself the time and space to surrender to giving yourself the nourishment that you so crave, watch as time expands. We are changing our relationship with time and being right now.

It is easy to look at the state the world is right now and get overwhelmed. But we are the ones that we have been praying for. There is no ONE saviour. Rather we are ALL saviours. Saviours of ourselves. You are not here to save anyone but yourself. No one else is here to save anyone but themselves. We must take our own healing in our own hands. And from this place of ever-increasing wholeness, be able to hold the wholeness of those around us, no matter how broken we may feel. As each of us transition from one age to the next, as we dance with the patriarchal shadows and shake off those ways of being that once served us, we set ourselves free. We unbind ourselves from the cage and we realise that we truly do have the key.

As part of the group of souls who are here to bring about this planetary shift, you are on the front lines. That takes courage. Have faith and find strength in knowing that you are not doing this work alone. You are standing with an army, whether you know it or not. I honour you for doing this work of change. Of metamorphasising. Of surrender. Of unbinding. Of setting yourself free.

I know this work is not easy.  It’s why not everyone does it. But you are not everyone. As you dance through your own times of healing, know that this work is never done in vain. For your work affects the greater whole. As one woman sets herself free, the same ropes that once bound another become a little looser. As one woman shares the truth of her story, a whisper is released through the lands. New seeds of freedom are planted. And those seeds, with the right nourishment, have the potential to create a whole new world.

Soul Inquiry:

How are you being called to surrender and change?

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