Time is not running out

time is not running out

Like so many I’ve spent the past year or so focusing on healing my nervous system. And it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! I remember a few years back when I realised that my ability to endure, push through and react to urgency had been my superpower.

As the years pass on I see the great cost that way of living has on us. Anything that is not sustainable is not good for anyone in the long run. But admitting and being willing to release an old way of being that once served us so well is no easy feat. And so the unwinding begins.

In our loud, reactive world where instant response is so often expected and at times even a currency, it can feel almost impossible to take a breath, let alone give ourselves the space to rest and reset. Conversations that should be had heart to heart are flung via comment, email and text. It seems that everyone has anxiety these days, constantly scanning our phones for something we might have missed.

Keeping our minds and bodies pointed in the same direction as our souls is near impossible at such reactive speeds.

One thing I’m practicing at the moment, when things feel urgent and I’m reaching to old ways of being instead of going slow and letting the new ground form before me, is the repetition of this mantra: ‘Time is not running out’.

Time is not running out. Because it’s not.

And what I am slowly discovering is that no matter what happens today, or what doesn’t happen today… If it’s truly important and truly for me to deal with, it will be there tomorrow, and often, God will work it out for me while I sleep.


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