I’ve just arrived home after such a nourishing trip to upstate New York. I was there visiting my friends Eliza and Sil Reynolds and then sharpening up my shamanic skills at the Light Body School Review at Menla. A week of deep connection, learning, devoted people, delicious food, comfy beds and nature walks with like hearted brothers and sisters was salve for my soul. I didn’t realise how much I needed it!

I haven’t written much this year as it has been such an internal year for me, which seems fitting to write today of all days, Samhain (the Celtic celebration that many know as Halloween). So much has fallen away and new seeds planted to be healed. It’s been a winter year with initiations that have invited me to learn to see in the dark. To be comfortable in the dark. To learn that seeds can only grow in the dark. Taking this moment this past week to exhale has helped me see that. I can sense a new dawn arriving in the far away chambers of my heart. I welcome its arrival and also know that the new morn is still a while off. The whispers of my third book have been circling me in the mountains above for some time now, and this one cannot be rushed. This year with all of its changes and urgencies and emergencies has changed me in ways I do not yet have words for.

I am learning that in times of emergency and urgency deep roots and slow considered action are needed.

I know I’m not alone… These times, how are they changing you?

I sense a new contract with life approaching and wonder if you do too? It’s easy to forget that we can do that when we are so busy becoming. Transmuting. Surviving. Growing. Living.

My heart’s prayer for this next year is a lot more being, a lot more nourishing, a lot more time with the back of my heart on the pulse of the earth. Never before have I craved more for the dark soil of the Mother. I can feel her calling me and see how hungry for her I have always been. And perhaps, we all have always been. 

May these times soften our hearts. May they open our minds. May they nourish our exhaustion. May they anchor our souls. May they quench our thirst. May they mend our separation. May they return us to our innocence. May they remind us that we are all children of a gentle loving Earth and the Earth part of an immeasurable cosmos. May these times lead us back home to a place where all people and all bodies and all hearts are cherished, seen, respected, equal, loved and held. 

Soul Inquiry:

These times, how are they changing you?

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