The Courageous Peony

Rebecca Campbell The Starseed Oracle

Multifaceted, unique nature. Let yourself be seen.

Flowers don’t open and close according to who walks by. They embrace all of what they are and show it to the world around them. The peony doesn’t try to compete with the cherry blossom, and the cherry blossom doesn’t try to compete with the tulip – they own what they are and trust the timing of their true nature. You’re being called to do the same.

It’s time to open yourself up to being seen. Time to share your incredible, multifaceted, true nature with the world around you. To uncover and reveal your soul’s greatest gifts without wavering. To own your uniqueness without apology. There’s a flower on this planet that holds the same qualities that your soul is readying itself to express. Let it inform you.

You may have been taught that it’s safer to keep your light hidden and your voice small; to hide behind the bushes instead of growing tall. The Courageous Peony is here to remind you that it’s safe to embody all of who you truly are. It’s safe to share your voice and let yourself be seen. At first it may feel uncomfortable and you may be afraid of what others think…but with each passing day it does become easier. Little by little you realize that it draws in those who are meant for you; and experiences you’ve been longing for arrive at your feet.

Soul Inquiry:

How are you being called to allow yourself to be more visible and seen in the world?⠀

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