The age of light

The Age of Light Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle

You’ve been training for this for lifetimes.

Mystics and sages throughout the ages have predicted this period in history, and you decided to incarnate in the middle of it. There is no mistake that you are supposed to be here at this time of great change.

If you ever feel unprepared or daunted by the path that is calling you, know this: You’ve been training for this for lifetimes. You’re way more than the days that have breathed through you in this life. You’re also all of the lifetimes that came before. All of these experiences have polished your soul into the most magnificent expression that is your authentic self.

Your soul has many facets. Imagine a fingerprint; your soul is a million times more intricate than that. If you put together all of the fingerprints of all of the people you have been, you would not even get close to fathoming how much of a unique masterpiece you are.

You came in with a clear soul plan. You came in with wisdom beyond your years. This is the part of you that longs to be seen. This is the part of you that is ready to step forward. That is ready to emerge. This is not the lifetime to stay hidden, but to step forth, be seen and rise.

Work Your Light Activation:

Hold your hand on your heart and say:

‘I call forth the soul gifts and soul training that I have received throughout all of my lifetimes. I am ready to embody them all now without hesitation and without fear. I have been training for this for lifetimes.’

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