The wisdom teachings of the fertile void

I am officially in the final trimester now and I can feel myself deepening into what I have come to call the fertile void of a new chapter or perhaps even book. I am no longer who I was and yet am a long way off where I will soon be.

And while I have been through the portal of physical birth before, I can sense that each initiation is one to itself. As the leaves fall all around me I can feel the descent of the fertile void of my own coming winter approaching. Death and birth are both near.

Everything and nothing exists in the Void. It’s where all life begins and ends. It’s the winter and the womb. The fertile darkness where all things originate and all seeds grow. Comforting and intimidating. Freeing and daunting. It can feel both overwhelmingly small and huge. The Void is where faith lives.

It is in the Void that we are called to surrender to the unknown. To allow the fertile darkness of nothingness to nourish the new seeds growing within you. Regardless of whether you know what they’ll one day become.

It’s in the cloak of night that we are called to surrender to the mystery of what’s next. To rest, and to allow the winter to do the work for you.

To hand over your control and trust that just because you can’t see what’s happening beneath the surface, it doesn’t mean things aren’t at work or working on your behalf.

The greatest weavings happen when we find a way to surrender and trust that our life is being knitted for us. Right beneath the surface. In ways known and unknowable. Now is the time to cultivate faith and allow deep deep rest.

The Void often surfaces at the end of a chapter or life phase. When we’re called to let go of all that we know and identify with in order to be born anew.

When you’re in the Void it can feel unknown, bewildering, confusing and scary – and as if you should be ‘doing’ something. However, it’s at this time that the most productive thing to do is relinquish control and surrender to the changing mystery of your life.

To gather up the faith that perhaps beneath the surface, the seeds of a new tomorrow are hard at work. And what might seem like it may be asleep, may actually be hard at work, just in a way different from before.


How are you being called to surrender to the unknown in your life?

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