The Well Maidens

Kindness. Respect. Reverence. Compassion.

Throughout history, there have been people who have tended to and protected our life‑giving wells. In the lands of what is today the United Kingdom and Europe, many of these sacred wells were named after Goddesses including Brigid, Danu, Solis, and Anu before they were absorbed by Christianity. If you sit at these wells, you may feel the wisdom of these ancient peoples echoing on in these waters, which remain protected.

The Elucidation is an old poem that tells of guardians who fulfilled this holy role across the land, a greedy king and his men violated the well maidens, the guardians of the kingdom’s wells, and took more than they needed. They ignored the sacred contract of respecting the well maidens and the waters of the sacred wells, and as a result, the kingdom became desolate and barren.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

The well maidens are the keepers of harmony and balance. They respect the sacred waters, and as a result, they give plenty. They deliver a message about the importance of these qualities in the way we treat ourselves, others, and the nature that sustains and supports us. They remind us to slow down and offer kindness and respect to others, the Earth, and ourselves, each and every day.

Soul Inquiry

How can you offer kindness and respect to yourself, the Earth, and others today?

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