The Weaving Of Mother Earth

moonlight beach, san diego

Hello from San Diego,

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be by the ocean. I arrived here two nights ago for some R&R, catching up with friends and a work meeting before heading to New York for two events… and couldn’t be happier! My soul so needed this trip. The ocean and the sunshine fill me up like nothing else and this part of the world really soothes me in ways I’m just beginning to understand.

I’ve been taking long walks on the beach each morning and yesterday spent the whole day with my dear friend Ahlea Khadro. After watching the sun set in Encinitas, we went to one of her friend’s places for a Birthday circle (a ritual to celebrate her birthday).

Ahlea Khadro and Rebecca Campbell

Honoured to be there but feeling a little conscious that I would not know anyone aside from Ahlea (including the birthday girl!), I discovered my friend Elizabeth Dialto was there too! SUCH a small world. Out of all the people in San Diego!

I had mentioned Ahlea to Liz and Liz to Ahlea and how I thought they HAD to meet previously… and so to find that the Universe had conspired for it to happen and we didn’t have to do a thing, was just so beautiful!!! And such a wonderful reminder of how Mother Earth is always busy weaving the threads of our lives.

I’ve got quite a bit of work to catch up on today but I am doing it from the comfort of my robe by the pool after having had one of the best massages EVER! I used to feel guilty for relaxing like this. But now I realise that in order to give in a sustainable way, we must first fill up our well. And I am so happy to be able to write to you as I do it!

I’m sending you so much love,

Bec xoxoxox

P.S. If you are feeling depleted and need some nourishing, check out the Fill Up Your Well Replenishment Meditation here. It’s designed to designed to gently soothe your whole system and restore your wellbeing.

P.P. S. You can watch the Wild Soul Movement podcast between Liz and I here. 🙂

Liz Dialto and rebecca Campbell

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