The Water Oracle

Psychic Abilities. Acting On Visions. It’s Destined.

Water has long been associated with the feminine mystical arts, with seers, oracles, and psychics using it to receive visions of the present and future. Scrying is a mystical practice that’s been used since ancient times all over the world. It’s the art of gazing at something with a reflective surface, including water, to detect messages or visions. The earliest documentation of scrying reaches back to ancient Babylonia.

It’s believed that the scryer would add oil or flour to a bowl of water and then ‘read’ the resulting mixture to receive helpful visions. This divination practice is referred to as lecanomancy, and it’s a form of hydromancy.

When The Water Oracle appears before you, it’s a sign that something is destined. Written in the stars. Maybe you’re living with a question at the moment, or perhaps you’ve received unexpected guidance to make a change in your life but you’re unsure whether it’s your head or your heart talking.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

The Water Oracle delivers a message to trust your intuition and the messages and visions you’ve been receiving. It’s a card of confirmation and encouragement to act on your visions and embody your intuition. It can also be a sign that your psychic and intuitive abilities are growing stronger. That you have the gift of clear vision and are being encouraged to work on this craft more deeply.

Healing Waters Affirmation

I trust my intuition and act on it with confidence.

take me to the oracle

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