The Sacred Well

Replenishment. Self‑care. Giving from a place of plenty.

The Sacred Well is a resting place, a recovery place, a healing place. It’s somewhere for weary travelers to be replenished. A place where we can receive and re-source in order to go back out into the world and give. As the adage says, we can only give to others what we’ve given to ourselves or have ourselves been given.

How full is your inner well? Are you giving from a place of overspilling plenty or are you overextending and giving from parched land? Self‑care has come to be regarded as a somewhat frivolous, luxurious practice. However, self-care is much more fundamental than that. It’s about re-sourcing ourselves in a rhythmic way.

This doesn’t necessarily need to involve splurging on an expensive spa break or vacation. It could simply be taking timeout in nature with the sun on your back. It could be spending an extra five minutes each morning to slowly drink your cup of tea, or running a bath with essential oils when the children are asleep. If we’re relying on our reserves to sustain us, eventually our inner well will run dry, and when we reach this place, it takes an awful lot to return to a state of balance.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

Do you feel guilty for putting yourself first? Do you question whether you should give yourself what you really, truly yearn for? How can you reprioritize your energetic well‑being? The Sacred Well is calling us to come home to it and to frequent it in a rhythmic way.

Soul Inquiry

How are you being called to fill up your inner well?

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