The call of the trees

Do you have trees from your childhood that you remember?
Growing up in Australia I went to a primary school where the playground was made up of nature. At lunch we sat directly on the Earth. We would play hide and seek behind paperbark trees. I still remember the powdery smell of the bark, as thin as tissue paper and how it would peel away from the trunk. The smell of eucalyptus takes me back to weekends spent climbing & swinging from branches.
When I see deep red I am transported to holidays swimming in tea tree lakes, the water stained from the tea tree oils making our skin and hair silky and soft.
Yew tree
One of my earliest memories is with my Grandpa Bill cracking macadamia nuts that we had collected from the garden.
Working in Sydney city I would spend my lunch breaks recharging and praying for creative ideas under the most magnificent fig. Almost two decades on, I would find myself underneath this same tree, getting grounded before a big live event I was hosting in Sydney.
The lungs of the planet. Ancient altars in the hollow trunk of the Yew tree. Grandmother trees. Birthing trees. Enchanted forests. Microbe ecosystems communicating deep underground. The kindling crackling in your fireplace. The incense burning on your altar. The foundations holding up your ceiling. The handle of your paintbrush. The spoon to stir your pot of hearty soup.
When we truly open our eyes to it, the magic and mystery of trees permeates our life deeply. Beyond their roots and upper branches, their gifts reach into our lives in many ways.
In The Inner Temple Mystery School we explore the sacred intelligent wisdom of Trees and have a direct experience of them through different practices which serve as gateways for us to return to our own true nature, hear the voice of our soul, explore the unknown and, ultimately, reconnect with the sacred intelligent pulse of Life that is woven through us all.
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