Rising and falling and falling and rising

We are all in a constant state of rising and falling and falling and rising

One month before my book on feminine rising is to be released to the world, I fall and break my foot. Left foot. Feminine side. The poetry is not lost on me.

We are all in a constant state of rising and falling and falling and rising. The falling bit is the reality of rising that we would like to avoid. I have spent so much of my life trying to avoid it. I think we all do.

We are cyclic beings living in a cyclic world and we are not made to bloom (rise) all year round. And, the greatest rising (blooming) comes after the most significant falls (letting go/releasing).

The seasons teach us how to rise each and every year. If we do not honour that process and attempt to stay blooming all year round, holding onto our leaves tightly, come spring, there will be no space for the new to bloom.

I believe that so many of us feel as though we are ‘failing’ if we are not rising or when we are mid fall. As if, had we done something differently we could have avoided the fall. Rising takes courage. But falling does to. It requires a willingness of the mind, body and spirit to clear the decks to (eventually, when the time is right) rise higher than before.

My sexy new shoe for the next 8 weeks.

My sexy new shoe for the next 8 weeks.

Earlier this year I got on my hands and knees and prayed to develop a deeper more loving relationship with my body. With my humanness. I had noticed that my soul in all its devotion and dedication to its calling had been putting it under pressure to be in this constant state of rising. And that I hadn’t been appreciating it for all its wonder. It was quite a patriarchal relationship really.

It should come as no surprise that this year has followed through. Lots has been falling away. Uncovered. Set free. Some moments have been beautiful and liberating, other moments (hello broken foot) have brought me quite literally brought me to my knees.

However, in between the unavoidable frustration of falling (and regular bouts of feeling sorry for myself), is a space of knowingness. A sweet feeling of relief. A new found appreciation of the miraculous healing nature of my body which is knitting bone as I type (talk about a miracle). Of the gratitude for the women, my dearest sisters who have been healing and rising for me in their own individual ways from all corners of the planet. Of the tenderness of my new husband who has been walking to wholefoods and my favourite coffee shop each morning and setting up my pillow fort for the day. Who has been helping me shower and even washing my hair (must do this more after foot heals).


And a knowingness that what appears to be a fall, a fracture, a break, is actually also my sweet flesh and bones reconnecting, stretching, strengthening, preparing themselves to support me and my rising, our rising, like never ever before.

Rise sister, brother, rise.

P.S. Watch the Rise Sister Rise trailer here.

  • Big love! I am with you. Over the weekend I had a 2-day video shoot and was rising to my fullest potential with all of my being and light. Here I am a few days later, sprawled out on the couch, totally wiped out having a terrible period. Cycles of success. We cannot continually go 150%. We must rest and slow down.

    Thank you for this post, reminder and support. I am with you, sister!! xoxo

  • Michelle Drummy

    I had this urge to re-create myself about a year ago; I sold everything and planned to travel. In line with “re-creating” I was really focusing on the physical, I ended up tearing my meniscus and needing surgery. It felt like my plans had been ruined, like I just couldn’t catch a break. Low and behold physically being unable to going to my regular vinyasa classes opened the time for meditation classes, it was such a wonderful blessing! The Universe gave me the message that I needed to slow down and work on the inside. I’m still healing from the surgery and sometimes it’s frustrating to not feel as physically strong as I have in the past… the reminder that we cannot bloom all year really resonates with me, I am so grateful to re building my relationship with my body and spirit!

    Much Love!!

  • Maya

    This is interesting to me. Not just because you wrote it and it’s well written, but because this closely resembles what happened to me yesterday! No broken bones but over stretched ligaments in my knee. Not the feminine side, either but the masculine side. When I think about all that’s changed this year, alone (plus all the spiritual work I’ve done before then). It all makes sense. Thank you, thank you, thank you in the extreme! Wishing you a speedy recovery, Bec, and more hair washing! Xx

  • Bec Reed

    Lovely post Rebecca. It is so true that we can’t bloom all year, even when we want to and sometimes we beat ourselves up because we are not :-/ hello, I know this well. I hope you heal and recover quickly. Warmest regards, Bec

  • Kelly Scholz

    So Good! My journey is tough because of an illness that I have no control over. It has brought me back to my mantra “My body trusts my spirit and my spirit trusts my body” Always both ways. Always love. Thank-you and Namaste.

  • ShannonRose Watson

    Beautiful Rebecca, healing wishes to you!
    Very interesting timing for your post…I have written to you previously, but, for the last 2 weeks everything has changed with tremendous intensity and I feel like I am in a movie… After 2 years of coming through and healing from a nightmare journey through breast cancer… I have been steadily healing and trying to rise, getting ready to launch a new offering to help people bravely shine through crisis, especially women coming through cancer… even designing a clothing line! And I was sooo close to launching and just got my young girls back into school, so more time would be freed up… And wham. The breast cancer has shockingly returned. In 2 areas…. And it is a race to try to stop it again.
    Tomorrow I will get the results of whether it has spread anywhere else and will learn my treatment options… Surgery may or may not be an option this time and my world is spinning. This doesn’t make sense to me and my heart is breaking with the intensity and fears… I have such a beautiful life full of love and light with a young family… And you know, there is so much light riding up to meet this challenge…and I still believe in miracles. And so far many have happened. Tests that take 3 wks normally have happened within 24 hrs and everyone is moving really quickly.. it is terrifying to be so urgent.

    And my 2 Wonderful healers who have worked on me by distance for 2 yrs and travel the world, “happen” to be in town this very week for a conference keynote and to see me!! Planned months ago. And so lo and behold, here they are in person and come to be with me at my PET scan today. For the entire time I was being sent healing energy and worked on energetically… Amazing.

    And my card readings are all very powerful with celebration, support, divine timing and guidance, miracles, healing, etc. Every single time…. I need a miracle.. and I am so curious and fearful of what I signed up for in this life…

    So for anyone trying to rise again and again like myself, please don’t lose heart. Hold on to hope and miracles and keep shining as brightly as you can. Thank you for anyone who reads this and please lift me and my sweet girls, Tomika and Katarina, and husband, Ryan, up in prayer… We have called on a huge circle of support and feel very loved and blessed. It feels a bit vulnerable to write this out here, but I believe we are all connected and every heart prayer can make a difference. If you feel drawn to reach out to me, you are welcome to. I may not be able to respond but know that I read every word and it means so Much to me. (shannon@shannonrose.ca)
    Much love to you, Rebecca, and to your shining community here, *ShannonRose*

  • Katya Arbusoff

    Sweet Rebecca, I had the same thing happen to me,( except it was 2 cracks across my knee cap), several years ago before I released my second book. for me it was about being flexible and stopping, Like you I had to rely on other people to prepare my raw food and shower me. .. I was in a brace for 13 weeks.. As a teacher/ author of the wise ways for some 35 years, I, like you, let go and welcomed the chance to reflect and go inwards. I would be wheeled outside in the sun, and I would read or watch Nature. It was a transformative time,
    as it will be for you.. Just relax into being cared for. It will deepen your caring for yourself <3 <3

  • Sandra Alonso

    What about breaking your right collar bone and almost all your ribs? I’ve been trying to make the connection and it just won’t come. By the way, I’m truly grateful for your rising and for helping us do so too! We really (I really) need that confidence!

  • Melanie 💫

    Thank you so much for sharing your vulnerability so openly with us Rebecca. After falling hard a few years ago and feeling like an immense failure for doing so I have been pushing myself to continually Rise ever since, like I could avoid the natural ebb and flow of Life. You can be in the bliss of your finest hours and fall amidst, as I did today, and there is that space you refer to to grow. Beautiful and articulate as always. Healing Love and Light your way 💞💞💞 and keep enjoying the unexpected gifts your “fall” has provided you 😉🌟

  • Wena Brussaard

    I wish you dear Rebecca loving and caring recovery. Take as much time as your body and soul needs to restore, rebuild, rebalance. You’ve be rising very fast, and that’s very masculine. The female side in you needs the attention now. Letting the universe to take care of you, allowing yourself to receive, being a mother to yourself….beautiful new tasks. Next step you take…literally….you’ll be a new person… reborn… You will rise again.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences so we all can learn and rise.

  • Sarah Callus

    This is so apt! I broke my foot in June and the recovery process was quite profound. I quite literally hit rock bottom half way through because I felt so helpless and frustrated. I wanted my life back. But then I had to surrender to giving my body time to rest and yes the body is amazing it healed itself. The whole experience was like a
    Light on my life. Who was there for me? Who helped me? Where were my friends? What needed to change? It was a powerful time and I wrote a story about it. Take time to rest Rebecca . Eat lots of dairy products, apply comfrey oil and trust in the miraculous healing power of the body xxx

  • Yvon

    These words could not have come at a better time. I am currently working through a burnout. Eager to rise again, I ignore the signs of my body that tell me: not yet. Thank you for reminding me that to fall does not mean to fail. It is here for me, a gift to me. I need to honor this time and then, in time, I will rise again. Love and (healing) light to you.

  • Natasha Anna Gonzalez

    Mercury retrograde got you good on demanding some down time! Would really recommend comfrey leaf soaks and comfrey cream once you can get in and apply things to it. <3

  • rt

    Sarah I also wrote a story (a very long story which went on for quite a while) after having a burn out which shined the “Light on my life”. It made me see that as long as I was the giver in my relationships I was surrounded by people. It caused me a lot of heartache on top of the pain from the burn out but it taught me that I deserved so much better and to find new people in my life who do care.

  • Charlene Hickey

    Rebecca , you never fail to bring me to sweet connecting tears 🙂 Rise (and fall!) Sister Rise xxxxxxxxx

  • Lee Ann Urban

    Love and light to all you ladies, this is just what I needed today. Rise sister rise! Thank you so much!