The power of sisterhood


This week I received the most precious email. It was from two women (Suzanne and Sumaa) who were introduced through an international book exchange (*googles how to be a part of one*). Suzanne sent a copy of Rise Sister Rise to Sumaa in India. After a lot of red tape, paperwork and phone calls between the two women, the book arrived. This is what Sumaa wrote to Suzanne. It touched my heart witnessing the threads of sisterhood weaving their way around the world.

Thank you Suzanne @suzannesimpson2020 and Sumaa @sumaatekur for sharing your story with me and letting me to share it with others too…

“Dear Suzanne,

Have you heard of Navratri, the Hindu festival for the nine avatars of the Goddess? We just concluded that nine-day festival today. For this period, I had fire ceremonies everyday for each of the nine avatars of the Goddess.

A small group of six of us met every morning at 7 to invoke the avatar for that day and make offerings while seeking blessings. It was a beautiful nine days with special energy all around.

You were very much with us through this journey. My friend, a Reiki master and Shamanic practitioner, saw the book you sent, Rise Sister Rise, in my living room and instantly sensed its high energy. Every morning after the fire ceremony she would pick up your book and do a reading for each of us by randomly opening a page and reading from it.

The reading was so perfect each time, it was simply beautiful! Every day, we each got the right message at the right time. Some of us even got rituals to do, which we followed. It has already enabled a huge shift.

Thank you for the book. It had an interesting journey reaching me, and is now already transforming lives here. I wanted to share this beautiful experience with you. Also, you were in my heart during the ceremonies these past nine days. Lots of love and hugs!

I hope you’re having a peaceful week.

Happy Navratri!


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