The Pearl

Alchemy. The reward at the end. From grit to grace.

Pearls are one of the most precious treasures of this world, and certainly of the sea. While the specifics of their creation remain a mystery, they’re believed to be the result of a natural process: Certain mollusks produce pearls as a way of protecting themselves from irritants that enter their shells.

The formation of a natural pearl is a rare occurrence – with only one in roughly 10,000 oysters producing one – and it can take anywhere from six months to several years. This card brings a precious message that something sacred is being created and it’s likely being created by you.

Maybe you’ve been creating something in the physical, such as a child, a home, or bringing an idea to life. Or perhaps your pearl is more metaphorical than that, having dedicated yourself to alchemizing your hardships into healing, grit into grace. Whatever it is, you’re being acknowledged for your work and the deep roots required to truly rise.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

Chlíodhna (pronounced Klee‑nah) was the Celtic Goddess of beauty, love, and the ocean, and it was believed she could be found in every ninth wave. It’s said that people would whisper their wishes and prayers into small pearl offerings, placed within a shell and tied with seaweed, and then cast them into the sea on the ninth wave in the hope that the Goddess would grant their prayer.

Offer up your prayers to Chlíodhna for the alchemy to continue to happen. The jewel at the end is near.


I’m ready to receive the jewels of my life.

I’m ready to alchemize my hardships into healing and my grit into grace.

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