Rebecca Campbell_The one true authority 2


If you put someone on a pedestal

or allow them more authority over you,

you’ll eventually need to cut them down

in order to stand at the same level.


You can avoid all of this by not giving another person or system

or external force the authority over you in the first place.


When you voice the truth, your truth,

it can be felt by all those around.

It doesn’t mean it’s THE truth or the truth

of all involved, but it’s your truth.


When you voice this truth with an open heart,

it makes it easier for someone else to access theirs.

And that clears the path for a mutual truth

to be reached, realized, and found.


Things are not only black and white. One thing or the other.

No one knows what’s true for you more than you.


The one true authority of your soul has only ever been You.


Page 163 of Letters to A Starseed by Rebecca Campbell 

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