The moment of your birth

Rebecca Campbell_The moment of your birth


Before you were born your soul consulted with the cosmos to arrange the details of your return.

The location and conditions were carefully orchestrated and seeded as you crossed the

threshold of the in‑ between – the watery world of the


There you waited in the fertile void as all of the stars and the planets in the knowable and

unknowable cosmos moved into place.


When the alignment was just right, a portal opened and you were

crowned upon your entrance to the world.

A soul embodied.

Spirit planted.

Eternal woven into matter.

Heaven and Earth combined.


Your cells, your flesh, your bones, your eyes, all made up of ancient exploding stars.

The Universe magnificently ordered as the cosmos.

Your basic existence is enough to blow anyone’s mind.


How did you get here?

And why did you choose to come?

Somehow, the cosmic curtains parted for the great dance of your life to begin.


This is that life and you are that dancer.

It took a lot for you to be here now.

To be planted here now.

And what a time you chose to come.


Page 3 of Letters To A Starseed by Rebecca Campbell

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