The Mist

Trust your inner compass. Be led from within.

Intuition is pointless unless we act on it. But it rarely makes logical sense, which is why it takes faith to trust it and courage to act on it. But when we do gather up the will to act on our intuition, each and every day, we’ll find ourselves living a truly blessed, deeply aligned life that’s led from within. I call it living a soul‑led life.

There’s a golden thread before you, calling you toward it, beckoning you forth. You’re being called to trust your inner compass and be led from within. Mist and fog form when it’s extremely humid and water vapor condenses to form droplets that hang in the air. When mist or fog sets in, it’s as if everything is changing in a state of mystery. When we’re walking in mist, we make sure we’re facing the right way, slow down, and enter a state of trust. Following our intuition is similar to that.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

While you may not know every step along the way or the exact destination, you’re called to trust your inner compass. To trust that the path will appear before you and for you.

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz following the yellow brick road, we’re all being led home to ourselves and our soul’s path. It just requires us to consistently trust the guidance system within.

Soul Inquiry

What’s your intuition calling you to do right now?

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