The Cosmic Mystery

Called The Starseed Oracle_Rebecca Campbell
The magnitude and majesty of the sky has besotted, intrigued and inspired humans since time began. Mystics, theologians, philosophers, scientists, visionaries, saints, poets, and wise elders through the ages have all grappled with the difficulty of explaining the mystery of the Cosmos and our place in the Universe.
The Collins English Dictionary defines cosmic as ‘belonging or relating to the Universe.’ The Earth of course is part of the cosmos, we are too.Scientists have long been saying that we’re made of stardust. It’s not a poetic statement, it’s a fact – we’re deeply connected to the Universe at a cellular level. Your body – right down to your organs, your cells, and your bones – is made of ancient exploded stars.

The 8th module of The Inner Temple Mystery School training invites us to explore and have a direct experience with the hugs topic of The Cosmos!In this module, when we talk about the Cosmos – we mean everything and anything within the width and breadth of the ordered Universe – from our spinning blue earth to the countless sparkling stars – the moons, planets and beyond. All that we know about – and all that we don’t. Stars, the moon, infinite space, retrograde energies, the sacred geometry of solar systems that mirror the spiral patterns of the budding flower.

Here we come face to face with perhaps some of the greatest, deepest, expansive, unknown, huge and awe-filled Mysteries of them all.

This module is all about tapping into the sense of awe, wonder and “whoa!” we can feel, when exploring the Cosmos. May we all be open to the grace that is whispered from the heavens and within all things.
As ever, in The Inner Temple Mystery School we won’t be focussing on learning about these constellations, but exploring the Cosmos as a gateway into deepening our own sense of wonder and having an EMBODIED experience of the sacred.
We begin September 5th. Founding year student price ends tonight! Feeling the call? Join my community of soul adventurers gathering across the world for this inaugural training.
Join me in The Inner Temple Mystery School Training & explore the Ancient Stones Mysteries. Find out more and enrol here.
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