The Children of the Sun are coming. They’re so very near. In fact, some are already here. It’s our job to pave the way for them. To keep the light behind their eyes beaming bright. To never let it disappear. Some of these souls haven’t been here before, but we’ve been with them. Do you remember? They’re ready to be here now. Some are already here. 

There are souls coming that the mystics have been calling the golden ones. They come in knowing, remembering, present, clear. We must do what we can now to clear the way for them – to chisel the container within ourselves for their arrival. To prepare the garden, to open the borders, to destroy the walls, to abolish the separation, to open the gates, to return to the arms of the Earth. For them and for us.

 Sensitive and strong. Awake and intelligent. Soul woven into matter. The great Grandmothers have been weaving for and dreaming of their arrival. They’re so almost here. 

We must do what we can to preserve their innocence by remembering our own. By growing up, by being reborn while still fully living. By finding a way to become more and more alive as we age, by incarnating more and more fully. To open, open, open. 

They’re lining up to come: To be birthed, welcomed, and recognized by those who have refused to stay asleep. They’re calling forth the guardians of the Earth. The future ancestors. The elders of the Earth. 

From page 216 of Letters to A Starseed by Rebecca Campbell 

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