The call of the soul

As souls, we’re on a never-ending spiritual journey. We were on it before we drew our first breath in this life and we will continue on it after we take our last, however, today in our culture, not much is known about the soul – it’s got to be the biggest mystery of them all.
You could say, in this life, our spiritual journey begins when we awaken to the possibility that we’re more than just our physical bodies and begin developing a relationship with our soul. This changing awareness is the gateway into our conscious spiritual journey in this life.
I-RememberThe Starseed Oracle_Rebecca Campbell
Ever since I was young, I’ve been deeply fascinated by the big questions of life. Who are we? What is the soul? What are we doing here? A mystic at heart, I’ve chosen to devote my life to living into this great mystery. To reaching for the part of us that existed before we took our first breath and will live on after we exhale our last.
The soul is our inextinguishable, eternal self. Everything your soul has experienced adds to who you are as a soul. When we awaken to this possibility, and begin to spend time discovering who we are as a soul, our spiritual journey begins. When you commit to your spiritual journey, you are committing to connect to your ancient self – the part of you that existed before you were born and will continue long after your last days, so that all parts of you can be fully grounded here.
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I believe that this inextinguishable part of you is part of the cosmos (the ordered universe) and the intelligent pulse of Life. And the more we connect with this intelligent part of us and develop a relationship with it, the more in flow with the rest of Life we’ll have the chance to be. I call this intelligent part of us the soul.
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