The Birth Mysteries

What are you being called to create?

Water is intelligent, and where there’s water, there’s Life. We are water beings. We travel from the watery world of the Great Mother to be born into this world, our first breath marking the transition from water to air. We all grew from a single cell into a form in the waters of the amniotic sac of the Great Mother, and from there, that same intelligence has been guiding us every step of the way. It’s the same force that tells flowers when to bloom and the planet to spin.

You’re a creative being living in a creative world. This is a planet of creativity and manifestation. Creativity is your natural state. What are you being called to create? Creativity isn’t only for certain people – it’s within us all. What would you like to create?

Don’t squeeze the hose. Loosen your grip and call the intelligent waters to flow through you every step of the way. Then follow it up with consistent action.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

Embodied creativity happens when we have a vision and act on that vision. Every idea in the world is pointless without this consistent action. Stay true to what you’re being called to create and show up to it, day after day after day.

Soul Inquiry

What would you like to create?

How can you show up to that creation with consistency?

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