The art of waiting

rebecca campbell rose in hand small

In our world of go go go, grow grow grow, the art of waiting is something that few of us have mastered. Now waiting is not to be mistaken for avoiding. True waiting comes when you are in the in between. You know where you are is not where you are going and yet where you are going has not yet been revealed. You are in the change. In the in between.

It is in this uncertainty that the only certain thing is that things are not clear. And when you find yourself here all one can do is set up camp to wait and listen. If you give yourself the gift of this inner winter you will be able to save yourself precious resources… time, worry, confusion, planning, pushing, controlling, bending to your will… all are wasted during this in between. For when you are in between your only option is to wait it out. To trust that perhaps you do not need to be busy for things to be being done. That perhaps things are being woven into the fabric of life on your behalf. That perhaps you are one note in the great orchestra of life and when the time is right the great universal conductor will let you know when it is your turn once again to be sung. But for now we bunker down in the in between and we wait and we listen.

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