The Anointed

 the anointed

Answer the call. Leadership. Empowerment. Soul gifts.

Rose oil has been used to anoint initiates through the ages. Royalty, too. This card is here to herald you into an even more powerful expression of what you came here to be and do. It’s calling you to step forth into your inner queendom and kingdom. To answer the greatest call of your soul and face your true north. To seed even more of what you came here to share. To acknowledge your arrival as the initiate of your life. To shed the external noise that may have been stopping you from being all that you already are. To realize that you’ve been training for this for a long time, perhaps even lifetimes.

The path your soul chose to walk is one that few have the courage to walk. And you came here for this. You’re being led through this. Your soul is ancient, and with every step you’ve taken in every body you’ve been planted in, you’ve gathered a kaleidoscope of gifts that are ready to be shown and shared.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

In the card you can see the golden seed cradled in the dark, fertile womb of the soil. It’s easy to mistake this phase of growth as one where nothing much is happening. But beneath

You’re being called to deeply trust the call that you’ve been hearing. To lead, to lead, to lead. The path you’re here to pave has not been walked the way you’ll walk it. And, as with all ancient initiates, healers, visionaries, creatives, and leaders, you’re just one magnificent thread in the tapestry of Life. So, go your own way, trust the road that beckons you forth, and always be led from within.

Soul Inquiry:

How are you being called to step forward and lead?

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