The call of the ancient stones

At the age of 18 I boarded a plane, landing in Ireland and then heading to Scotland. I didn’t know it at the time (or even have the word for it) but I was on sacred pilgrimage retracing the steps of my ancestry, it was an inner call and I was on my own. I look back now and can’t quite fathom the courage & certainty I had!

One of the places I kept finding myself in was in the middle of ancient stone circles. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but looking back I could feel the wisdom that the stones held. These sure, steady, ancient ones who have seen generations like mine & the ones that came before come and go. Holding perspective, timeless patience, standing guard.

Through the years I’ve deepened my work with stones. And like many my journey began running my fingers through colourful crystals in the local spiritual shop which I saved up my pocket money to afford. I still have the citrine I saved up for that is as big as my hand. I’ve since led people to stone circles like Avebury on my pilgrimage retreats & love seeing the subtle yet powerful transformations that can occur by working with the stones.

Ancient Stones is one of the mystery modules in The Inner Temple Mystery School. This module is about connecting with the ancient wisdom of the Earth that is held in all rocks, stones and crystals. It’s been so amazing hearing people say that they feel drawn to work with the earth in this way. It feels important to clarify that when I talk about ‘Ancient Stones’ – I’m talking about stones of all sizes & shapes, as well as rocks and crystals.

We’re using ancient stones as our guide to experience the sacred in an embodied way. We’ll be experiencing different practices which serve as gateways to return to our own true nature, hear the voice of our soul, explore the unknown & ultimately, reconnect with the sacred intelligent pulse of Life that is woven through it all.
Join me in The Inner Temple Mystery School Training & explore the Ancient Stones Mysteries. Find out more and enrol here.
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