The Ancient Stones Oracle!!!

I’m so happy to share with you my new oracle deck that is coming June 25th: The Ancient Stones Oracle! You can pre-order now here and get a free print and other gifts!

When I was 19 I set off on a solo pilgrimage to the lands of my ancestry (after working four part time jobs for a year!) and it was then that I was introduced to the ancient wisdom and power of stone circles, megaliths, temples and other ancient stone wonders.

Over the years one of my favourite things to do has been to visit sacred stone sites, I’m always blown away by how these beings have seen civilisations like ours come and go and how they seem to always invite us to slow down to the speed of the earth.

The most permanent structures on this planet, it fascinates me that our ancient ancestors could have walked past these same places and that through the stones we can reach back to the wisdom that has been severed.

As a channel, when I create I work energetically and working with the ancient stones has been the most unique creative process so far! It was so slow and steady! I felt grounded, supported and held. Both myself and Katie Louise, the illustrator of this deck, found the energy deeply healing, supportive and powerfully ancestral.

Bones of the earth, this potent oracle deck will support you in feeling deeply grounded, healed, held and supported. It will support you to tap into wisdom of the ancients and connect to positive ancestors known and unknown. Take a look at the oracle here.

P.S. On July 1st I am hosting a free Ancient Stones Activation Workshop for everyone who pre-orders. To thank you for pre-ordering we are also sharing a free print, soul journey, digital wallpaper and more! You can find out more and pre-order before June 24th here.

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