Thank you, goodbye, hello

Thank you, goodbye, hello. An ode to Queen Mary’s Rose Garden at London’s Regent’s Park.

Tomorrow I move house and so today I am sadly saying goodbye to the park  that has given me so much. My morning practice has been walking and meditating in it each morning. It has filled my heart, fed my spirit and inspired my soul more than anything has before.

rose garden regents park rebecca campbell

The biggest gift it has taught me is how to listen and how easy it is to listen if we truly stop and open ourselves up to receive. The Rose Garden whispered most of the pages of Light Is The New Black to me through her spring and summer as I wandered from park bench to park bench with my laptop ready to receive (hoping to receive, praying to receive). I discovered that she was there all along, waiting for me to slow down, show up and catch her secrets and her grace.

rebecca campbell writer

In my meditation this morning she whispered it’s time to start writing my second book, whose words have been calling for a little while now. I’ve found a new park (Clissold Park) to write it in which even has a butterfly enclosure (*!*) I like to think of this new park as Regent’s Park’s sister. Daughters of Mother Nature, waiting to take us into their arms and whisper what we most need to hear through their beauty. All we need to do is show up and listen. I can’t wait to share her wisdom with you.

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