Thank you

Gratitude. Appreciating what’s sustaining you.

Water is Life. Wherever there’s water, there’s Life. It’s the ultimate blessing. It’s the thing that sustains us the most. Life isn’t possible without it. And yet most of us take water for granted.

In our busy modern world, it’s easy to become disconnected from the truly sacred things that are supporting and sustaining us. To take the simple things and the people closest to us for granted, assuming that they’ll always be there. Sometimes it takes the threat of going without something for us to realize it’s even there. To truly appreciate what we believe we could not go without.

This card is an invitation to reflect on and appreciate those things that support and sustain us the most. From water to loved ones. What are you most grateful for? Who are you most appreciative of? How are you being called to offer thanks? How can you honor the things that hold you the most?

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

When we open our eyes to what’s truly holding us, the way we look at our life changes. And the more thanks we give, the more abundance we realize is there. The more we honor those who give to us, the more connected to Life we feel. And offering thanks is a way of giving back, too. When we acknowledge the support that we have in our lives already, we’re more easily able to see the sacred that’s woven through it all.


What are you most thankful for in your life that you may have overlooked?

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