Star Keeper


Rebecca Campbell The Starseed Oracle

Cosmic ancestor. Seed the light by staying grounded.

You’re an ancient keeper of the stars. Here to anchor and seed your light in your unique way. You’ve likely been incarnating on Earth for some time, dedicated to an era of awakening and bringing about a longawaited shift in the planet’s evolution. We’re at a tipping point now. The survival of Earth and all its species is coming to a head.

The more grounded you remain during this transitional period, the more helpful you’ll be. The more you tend to the flames of your own heart, the more love you’ll anchor onto this planet. The wisdom of the stars is imprinted in your soul. The more soul fragments you call home, the more this wisdom is seeded here.

You may be called to be in different places in the world, to anchor this light. Perhaps by taking a trip or living in a certain location. You may also find yourself experiencing awakening symptoms. The more grounded you remain, the more stable Earth’s energy will become and the less reactive humanity will be.

You’re here for a double mission: to grow as an individual and as part of a larger collective that’s bringing about a shift in frequency. Trust that you can be in the world, but not of it, and lead a truly glorious life.

Starseed Activation:

Place your hand on the portal of your heart and whisper the following: ‘I acknowledge that I’m a Star Keeper. I choose to anchor my light and stay as grounded as possible.’

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