Stepping out of the spiritual closet – sharing your soul’s voice


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I’ve always known that I had a message to share. As if it was implanted in me since birth. But I spent a lot of my life in a spiritual closet holding back the boldness of what my soul yearned to share.

Recently on a trip back home to Australia my mum found a letter I had written to her when I was a teenager (I always found writing was the easiest way of expressing myself). In the letter I was trying to explain my connection with my friend Angela who was 30 years older than me, assuring to her that while it might seem odd now, one day soon it will all make sense.

If you have read Light Is The New Black, you will know what a significant part to my path my relationship with Angela was. But no matter how certain I was of my path or how long I knew it, the thing that stopped me the most is this unshakable fear around expressing it. Writing is one thing but stepping onto a stage is something completely different. This fear is the reason I went into a spiritual closet and stayed in there for so long.

When I finally gathered the courage to step out, express my soul’s voice and teach, it was bloody scary. I remember looking at quotes like Joan of Arc’s “I’m not afraid I was born to do this” and wondering if I would ever get to that point. Well, after several years of breathing through my uncomfortableness and over a decade of tapping, chanting, ritualising, praying, past life-ing, surrendering, affirmation-ising and writing my way through it, I am so happy to report that a couple of weeks ago I spoke on stage and had absolutely NO FEAR! NONE. NOTHING!!! WAAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Finally!!!!!

And instead of the fear, I felt utterly held, supported and in my power (like I do when I write).

Soul stories can continue for lifetimes. But shifts can happen in an instant. I know there are so many of you out there who relate to this fear of being seen or not being seen or sharing your soul’s voice, revealing your deepest truths, stepping into your biggness… So many of you who hold the soul memories of persecution for sharing your wisdom, being the healer, acting on your intuition, speaking out, allowing your inner power to be seen…

What I want you to know is this:

There has never been a safer time in history to share your soul’s voice than right now. And every time you share your soul’s voice, you not only make it easier for you, you also encourage someone else to do the same.

If you are in a spiritual closet right now or just holding back the bigness of your message due to fear, I pray that you will find the courage to breathe through the uncomfortableness and share what is inside of you. When one woman rises, she makes the path that much brighter for She.

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