Simple intuitive decision making tool

Every decision we make either takes us closer or further away from ourselves. Often it’s hard to tune into the subtle energy, but deep down everything is either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ Feel good or feel not as good. Brightness or darkness. Avoidance or coming home. The more times you say YES to what lights you up, the more aligned your life will be. When our life is aligned we are in flow with the Universe and we are living the life that we were born to live.

Work Your Light

Think of a decision you are currently faced with and ask yourself the simple question: Which solution lights me up?

  • Maria

    Hi Rebecca, I saw you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, and I am really enjoying your book. I like what you’re saying here, but find it very hard to trust when it comes to major massive decisions, like staying in a long term relationship or not, especially when there are kids involved. Being in this relationship has not been making me feel light for a while, but I keep hoping that we can change and improve things, so the light may come back…..

  • So very true! I have been using this for years and teaching it too. I agree with you fully – what lights us up aligns us with our True Selves. Yay! Best wishes for your London event – so nice to have your family there with you for it. You’re definitely shining, Rebecca!

  • Angharad Rees

    Hi Rebecca
    I love this method – so simple and make perfects sense. Often, I go with the whole, “what should I do’ option, which is essentially about pleasing others and not myself. In fact, this little video makes me realise, I do that ALL THE TIME! I’m gonna shake up my Libra Scales and give your method a go right now…
    Thanks for sharing some morning light

  • Robin

    This is going to be the new way I approach life. Thank you and please come to Canada!

  • Julie

    Wow thanks Rebecca what a simple tool! I’m going to start using this, and enjoy watching my life unfold, thank you so much!

  • Linda Kwan

    Agreed – Canada looks forward to having you visit!