Shedding what was

Release The Petals_ The Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

Image from The Rose Oracle created by Rebecca Campbell and Katie McMillion

As I sit here reflecting on what has without a doubt been the most outwardly amazing year of my life, a year where so many of my long term goals have come into form (book published with two more coming, wedding in a couple of days, finding true sacred sisterhood, teaching on bigger stages), what I am most moved by and deeply grateful for are the subtle yet significant inward shifts that this year has prompted.

Its changing seasons have been beckoning me (and indeed us all) to face up to what parts of life are not sustainable. To what methods of survival, that while they have served tremendously in the past, have an expiry date if I want to both thrive and deeply enjoy this wonderful life I have created. To what parts of my soul’s shadow am I still defining myself by or fearful of becoming without logic or reason. To what learned ways of being in the world, that if I am totally honest, no longer have my best interest at heart. To what identities (some entrenched over lifetimes) are no longer needed because, they are not who I truly am at deepest soul level. To allow what is falling away to fall away, in order to make space for what is rising, no matter how unknown that may be. To receive the support and surrender to the mysterious flow of life rather than rely on my own strengths and capabilities. To rest and relax into a calmness rather than thinking I need to be busy or strive to be productive.

2015 was an eight year of a universal nine year cycle (with 2016 we enter into the completion year of the nine). We have all been prompted to get real about the work our soul came here to do despite how triggered we may feel. But in order to step into who we came here to be we must first release who we no longer are, which more than likely is who we have been identifying ourselves as for many years. Tricky. Surrender and faith are needed. We must be willing to release these old identities and ways of being that while they have served us in the past are no longer serving us at soul level, but first we need to have the courage to admit it.

Anything inauthentic can no longer survive. Overly masculine linear patriarchal methods of survival (striving, pushing, ignoring, working ridiculously hard, competing, forcing, enduring) are not sustainable if you are committed to doing your souls work on a long term basis. And so, just as the snake sheds her skin to make room for new growth, we must too in order to make way for the soul to continue to express itself and share the gifts we all came here to share. Without allowing this natural cycle of shedding what is no longer serving us we become encased and trapped by exactly that. When we allow what is no longer serving our soul to release and step into the unknown we are instantly relieved as our soul is given room to breathe, step forward and lead.

More than anything, the courage to allow that to happen, is my heart’s deepest prayer for you.

Work Your Light:

What is ready to fall away?

What ways of being/identities are no longer sustainable?

What is rising in you?

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