She Who Flows

Ease. Being open to change. Go with the flow of Life.

Water is the most powerful force on our planet. It has the potential to destroy everything in its path or be embracing, still, and gentle. When a river meets a rock, it doesn’t try to move it; instead, it embraces it and flows around it. It doesn’t question why the rock is there – it sees it as part of its path.

Water teaches us how to flow with Life. How to greet the obstacles on our path with open arms and receive Life fully. In this way, the world’s waters have literally shaped and crafted the entire landscape ofthe planet that we know and love today. Mountains and valleys, coastlines and woodlands – all are the result of water embracing Life.

The ancient Greek Goddess Rhea was the daughter of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Heaven). She’s also referred to as Cybele, mother of us all. In his work Cratylus, the philosopher Plato referred to Rhea as a stream or ‘she who flows’. Perhaps Rhea herself has much to share with us about how to truly flow with what appears on our journey, whether expected or unexpected. Call upon her to support you in embracing any unexpected changes you’re facing.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

This card invites us to stop seeing the unexpected things in life as obstacles, and instead to treat them as invitations to embrace Life. To find a way to soften and embrace what occurs rather than try to avoid it or fight it. To flow with rather than resist.

Soul Inquiry

What unexpected obstacles are you resisting or fighting against right now? What would happen if you embraced them as part of your path?

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