My Sacred Experience With Water

One of the most sacred experiences I have ever had was in a studio in Hammersmith, London. I didn’t know it at the time, but this moment would leave me changed forever. It took me many years to embody and integrate. After days of devotional chanting, I went into what I can only describe as an altered state that I talk more about in this video.

ocean water sydney

This experience was the sweetest most tender, sensual, intimate and sacred experience of my life and it has left an imprint within me, since this unitive experience the sacred waters really have never left me, it is like they are etched into my heart and cells. Like most mystical experiences it’s one that I have found difficult to put into words…

The Fall Into My Arms card from The Starseed Oracle is a depiction of this sacred experience.

The Healing Waters Oracle

If you would like to unlock the healing mysteries of the waters and unleash their sacred wisdom I have created The Healing Waters Oracle, a breathtakingly stunning oracle for those who have heard the calls of the waters.

take me to the oracle

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