Ride the Waves

Life lessons and growth. You will get through this.

You’re most definitely living right now. And while you may be experiencing challenges in your life, they’re shaping you into who you’ll be, someday soon. Just as strong winds that blow consistently over the ocean transfer energy to water to generate waves, the same happens when we feel the pressures of Life knocking on our door.

Life’s pressures and challenges invite us to transform in the process; they can cause calm seas to gain momentum and waves to form. While at the time it can feel overwhelming, our true character is born through these usually unexpected changes that life delivers.

Our experiences shape us. The most compassionate people in the world are the ones who know the real depths of Life. The ones who have the capacity to understand us are those who have been through their own choppy waves. The ones who are able to hold us when we feel most out of our depth are those who have been through it themselves.

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

Be like the surfer and instead of reacting to the waves or seeing them as things to be avoided, choose to respond. And when possible, see if you can find a way to ride those waves all the way to the shore. There may be times when you fall off your board, but you’ll meet fellow surfers who are riding their own waves back to themselves.

Soul Inquiry

How can you respond to the waves of your life instead of reacting to them?

How can you let the transformation happen?

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