A prayer for finding home

rebecca campbell rose
Divine Mother,
Please whisper directions to where to go next.
To the place that will be a vibrational match to who I am on the inside.
Let it be a holy sanctuary, a home that is really a church.
Let it be rejuvenating and replenishing and harmonious for my spirit.
Let it be spacious and uplifting and a sweet sweet resting place for my mind, body and soul.
Let it be a bountiful well for every cell.
Let it be surrounded by beauty so breathtaking that it can’t help but be transmuted into the art that is mine to create.
Let it be a place of celebration and healing for friends and family and soul family to meet.
Let there be unlimited joy and love and art and delicious food made here in bounty.
Let it remind me of unlimited possibilities and all things plenty.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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