Peace comes at the end of silence

Inner peace

Peace comes at the end of what is often a very long silence. When we’re not listening, silence can be the most uncomfortable thing in the world. But when we are, it is absolute bliss. The answers to all of our deepest desires, longing questions and those moments of extreme peace can all be found there on the other side of silence. But in order to find them we need to be willing to open our ears and hearts to things that we might not want to hear… to inconvenient truths that we quite frankly don’t want to admit. And like anything annoying, it’s a totally normal reaction to want to shut it up. To turn it down. To switch it off. To numb it out. But if we can somehow manage to find a way to instead lean into this uncomfortableness and take a moment to listen to it every day regardless of the message we will discover what it has to say is actually not as scary as not listening. And before long you will be rewarded for your efforts by finding yourself on the other side of silence where true peace lives. I so wish this for you. And so it is.

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