Pave Your Own Way

Leadership. Courage. Forge don’t follow.

The Giant’s Causeway is a captivating ancient volcanic formation in Northern Ireland that’s cloaked in many a myth. One story speaks of the giant Finn MacCool, who created it as a bridge to Scotland so he could fight another giant named Benandonner.

Pave Your Own Way is a card of boldness and leadership. It’s one that invites you to do things in your own way and to bravely go where perhaps no one else has gone before. Maybe you’re the first one in your family system to do something new? Or perhaps you’re the black sheep of the flock. Embrace your uniqueness, journey courageously into the unknown, and do it in a way that only you can!

How are you being called to step forward and lead? What kind of leader do you wish you’d had while you were growing up? What kind of leader do you wish you had now? How can you be that for yourself and others who are just like you now? What new places are you being called to explore? What are you being called to do differently? How can you refrain from following others, step out of the box and lead?


If you were feeling bold and courageous, what would you do?

Today’s oracle reading is from The Ancient Stones Oracle

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