Confessions of an overthinker

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I’ve spent way too many hours of my years on this planet going round and round in circular thinking, and I’ve ended up realising that thinking is overrated. We each have an inner guidance system that is fully equipped to point us in the right direction. Sometimes the best thing to do is not think and just do.

So many of us spend our lives in constant thought. Thinking, pondering, questioning, weighing up what the next step should be. Hours, days, weeks, months, sometimes years paralyzed in indecision with all the options and all the outcomes and the fear of choosing the wrong one.

The longer we leave it the more options there are, the greater the pressure to get it right which increases the fear of getting it wrong. Around and around we go. It’s enough to drive any sane person crazy.

But what if for just today you didn’t think or weigh up or ponder. What if you simply acted on one of those options, one of those niggles, one of those longings? If they’ve been there for a while now, chances are they aren’t going away.

What if right now you just decided to decide? To get the ball rolling. Take the next baby step. To give it a little push. To be willing to get it wrong.

What if you took all that time you spend pondering and channelled it into doing? What if you devoted 10 minutes every day to acting, not thinking? Imagine how liberating that could feel.

And when you rest your head on the pillow, maybe you might even sleep extra heavy with nothing tapping you on the shoulder or making you toss and turn throughout the night.

Less thinking. More doing.

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