Inner Peace with Nikki Slade

If you’ve been to one of my events or are part of the Rise Sister Rise Membership you will know how influential Kirtan chanting has been in my life.

After chanting for the past 10 years, last year when I graduated from my Bhakti Kirtan Teacher Training I was honoured to be interviewed by my teacher and dear friend Nikki Slade, alongside Producer Gerry Edwards on Panda Radio. We spoke about the power of the voice, rock bottoms, the awakening process, the fear of sharing your voice and I shared 4 of my all-time favourite songs!

I believe that we all have a unique note to play in the orchestra of life. I believe that when you share your soul’s voice you unlock something in the Universe and call a missing piece of you home. Our individual voice is the most powerful sound current on the planet.

If you have kept your soul’s voice silenced or held back, chanting could be truly life-changing for you. As we chant we don’t just heal ourselves, we also chant for all those who do not have a voice and the healing of all. In John (1:1) it says that ‘sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the Universe.’ I couldn’t agree more.

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