The law of the new earth

We are going through a period of great healing and great change. Along with the planet you are rebuilding who you are from mind to cell. Your heart needs to be the centre of it all.

This is really what it means to be a mystic, to follow the path of the heart. It will never fail you. And at a time where all external structures are crumbling this is really all that remains. The path of the heart is the steadiest there is. Trust the path of the heart above all else.

When we do this we stop trying to figure it all out and shift into living into the present moment. We have all felt it when we are with someone our soul recognises and we deeply love, and it seems like everything stands still.

Our nervous system co-regulates with theirs and we feel held and safe. This is the state that is best for us, where all healing happens and where our intuition resides.

If you spend more time in this space life will expand. Your worldly striving will fall away and be replaced with proper attraction. People will feel the heart expanse that you transmit. Let that be your calling card.

The days of hustle, over exhaustion and producing over creating are coming to an end. Those that choose potency over producing, heart over head, slow over overdrive will be the ones who lead today.

Release all the unnecessary time wasting, energy wasting, money wasting, resource wasting parts of your life. While in the past they used to get you ahead, now as we enter into this new age they will become less and less productive and effective. The earth is making sure of it. Anything not sustainable will not flourish. This is the new law of the earth.

Artwork from She Who Flows card from The Healing Waters Oracle by @rebeccacampbell_author @she_is_luminous

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