Maybe flowers are here to teach us

rebecca campbell rose

Maybe flowers are here to teach us how to be human. ⁣

How to unashamedly embrace our true nature no matter how different or beautiful. ⁣

To realise that we are not meant to look or sound or act the same. ⁣

That diversity is not just important but absolutely crucial for life. ⁣

To keep remembering that there is a sacred timing to things. ⁣

That there is enough room for everyone. And that it is impossible to bloom all year round. ⁣

Maybe flowers are here to teach us how to be human. ⁣

To stand tall like the poppy and strong like the thistle. ⁣

To be resilient like heather and reach our roots deep like the fig. ⁣

To defy the norm like the hawthorn.⁣

To keep courageously opening like the peony. ⁣

To be to be unapologetic like the passionflower. ⁣

To remember our sweet innocence like the jasmine. ⁣

To take a leap into the unknown like the daffodil. ⁣

To be willing to risk it all the cherry blossom. ⁣

To know it’s never too late like autumnal blue. ⁣

To trust the changing seasons of our life like the hydrangea.⁣

Yes, perhaps that’s what flowers are here to teach us.


– From page 159 of my book Letters to a Starseed

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